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The Tie Care Guide: How to keep your neckwear looking sharp

With great ties comes great responsibility. Whether you wear ties everyday, or you save them for special occasions – your neckwear needs to be in top condition if it’s going to give your outfit that sharp finishing touch. Looking after your ties is simple once you get used to how to properly store them and how to deal with any stains or wrinkles on the fabric. At Ties R Us we’ve decided to put together an easy guide to getting the most out of your neckwear, with easy to follow... Read More


The World’s Worst Ties

With the classy comes the outright tacky. It’s pretty hard to get away from gimmicky ties and the people who think they’re funny wearing them. Granted, there are some sensational designs out there. Novelty ties can be a great way to express your personality in the workplace, or to show your students you have a sense of humour. Sometimes, however, novelty can be taken too far! We’ve scoured the internet for some of the wackiest tie designs we could find, ranking the best (or worst!) five. Check them out…  ... Read More


When You Should Wear A Tie

It’s no surprise that here at Ties R Us we love a good tie! From fun polka dot bow ties to sleek options for black tie events, a tie can perfectly offset an outfit for a whole variety of occasions. But, is it always appropriate? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been in this situation: You’re getting ready for an event – say, a date, or a job interview. You reach for your tie, then ask yourself “Should I?”. Is a tie ever ‘too much’, and when should you... Read More


The Most Iconic Weddings in Film & TV

From the romantic to the outright tragic, the big screen has had it’s fair share of weddings; and with that comes a fair share of great wedding outfits! Whether in the movies or your favourite TV shows, we’re taking a look at five of the most iconic weddings scenes throughout fictional history.   The Godfather A post shared by The Godfather – Corleone (@the.godfather) on Jun 28, 2017 at 11:35pm PDT Arguably THE most iconic wedding scene in movie history is the opening of the Godfather, in which the daughter... Read More


Style Guide: What To Wear To The Races

In no time at all, we will be donning our fascinators and top hats and stepping out onto the green at the Royal Ascot. Here at Ties R Us we have put together a complete style guide for this season’s races. The Royal Enclosure So you’ve got your morning suit steamed and hung, your shirt is starched and waistcoat fitted to perfection. The final touches are crucial to complete the ensemble, so we have taken the liberty to suggest how to accessorise with confidence. Black Morning Suit The black morning... Read More


SS17 Menswear Trends – Top 7 Wearable Trends

With the new season comes new trends, and there is no better time than spring to give your wardrobe a much needed overhaul. From stylish stripes to ultra relaxed fits, here are some of the top menswear fashion picks to keep your eye out for in spring / summer 2017. Cuban collar shirts In general, men’s fashion for 2017 seems to be looking much more relaxed, with loose fits taking centre stage. A cuban collar shirt is the must have shirt for spring and summer – this wider collared shirt... Read More


Valentine’s Date Night Style Tips

It’s that time of year once again – Valentine’s Day is upon us! If there’s one evening of the year when guys are expected to really step up and make an extra effort in the style stakes, it’s Valentine’s. Whether you’re spending the evening with a long term partner or heading out on a nerve wracking first date with someone new, you want to make a fantastic impression with a suave and stylish look. Here at Ties R Us we’ve put together some top tips to keep you at the... Read More

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Trend Alert: Purple Hues

In winter, pastel shades and bright summer hues take a back seat when it comes to colour trends, giving way to earthy greens, festive burgundies and party season metallics. One surprise shade that is currently having its moment in the spotlight is purple. If you’re looking to get yourself suited and booted this festive season and want to add a fashion forward edge to your look, why not do so with an item from the purple ties and accessories collection at Ties R Us?   Purple Ties L-R; Plain Purple... Read More


What To Wear On New Year’s Eve: A Men’s Style Guide

When it comes to parties, there really is nothing quite like New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re seeing in the new year in a laid back pub with a group of mates, spending time with family, going wild in a club or attending a super swanky party, getting your look right is important. Wherever you’re going to be when the clock strikes midnight, here at some handy guidelines to help you begin 2017 in true style. Casual For a casual NYE event when you just want to be comfortable all night... Read More

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What to Wear to a Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, what you wear will have a huge impact on both your performance and how the interviewer perceives you. The right outfit will not only make you look more professional, but you will feel more professional in it and therefore act more professional – giving you a better chance of acing the interview! General Rules Of Interview Dress Of course, what you wear will depend on where your interview is. As a general rule of thumb we’d recommend sticking to smart attire – it... Read More