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Find Your Perfect Colour & Style Of Tie

When coming to pick out a colour or style of tie for an occasion it can become a tricky affair, well here at Ties R Us, we’re hoping to help. Our tips on which style suits the occasion and your suit better to what colour blend well with each others and how to avoid a clash and ruin what could potentially be a big day in your life.


A wedding is probably going to be the biggest day of your life, if it’s yours that is your wedding, but even if you’re part of the wedding ensemble finding the right colour is key. Obviously, having the groom, his best man and ushers all in the same coloured tie is the best way to go, we’d recommend a traditional cut tie rather than a skinny one. Try and tick with the traditional rich colours you would usually expect from a wedding, so cream, gold, silver and lilac are all real winners. Alternatively, you could have the groom in one colour and have the rest of the party in a contrasting colour, for example a gold tie for the groom so he stands out with the rest in a silver tie. If you’re just attending a wedding don’t be afraid to go for the a patterned tie to really bring your outfit together though, they look great with all suit colours.

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With it being a prom, it’s usually going to be a first suit so likeliness is it will be a skinner cut one, which are all the trend lately. With that being said a skinny tie is the obvious choice for a prom, it gives off a younger vibe and looks great. Patterned and striped ties work very well in a prom setting, with bolder colours coming through, so think green, red, blue and silver at a push, depending on the colour of your suit.

Interviews and Formal Parties

Again the skinny tie looks great in both of these settings, but obviously tailored to what job you’re applying for as to how bold of a colour to wear, subdued and subtle colours are always a winner. As for formal parties depending on the theme you can never go wrong with a darker coloured tie, they look great paired with any colour

Colour Of Your Suit

Depending on the colour of your suit is what colour tie and hanky we would recommend, there are some colours that work extremely well against each other but some that should be avoided.

Blue Suit: For a blue suit, most being a darker shade, we’d recommend a bold colour or patterned tie. Think red, purple, orange, green and silver.

Black Suit: A black suit can be tricky as you’d easily get away with a black tie on a white shirt, but usually that’s a look reserved for a funeral, but then again in certain party themes you may be on to a winner. Again, think bolder block coloured ties, like red, orange, silver and don’t be afraid to try a pink one, also a brilliant white tie looks excellent against a black shirt!

Grey Suit: You can never go wrong colour wise with a grey suit and it’s a good excuse to wear colours that wouldn’t work with other coloured suits, such as yellows and peaches, but also stripped ties and gold black and blue colours contrast very well against a light or dark grey suit.

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