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Mix And Match Ties & Pocket Squares

At Ties R Us we stock a whole range of incredibly stylish ties, bow-ties, pocket squares and accessories, we cater for all types of personalities and colour themes so you’re bound to find something for you. When it comes to ties and pocket squares matching them up can be a tricky affair, but we’re here to tell you that mixing and matching pocket squares and ties in band on trend.
Paisley & Solid Colour

Paisley style clothing has come right back into fashion over the past couple of years, as a sort of nod to 60’s and 70’s fashion. The style has crept into the world of ties and there has been some
stunning designs. A blend of rich and subtle colours makes a great paisley pattern, and we at Ties R We stock some incredibly stylish designs of paisley ties and pocket squares. Just because your tie is of a paisley design doesn’t mean your pocket square has to match, and vice-versa, try a matching solid colour, or even a contrasting solid colour if you want to make a statement, the pattern and block colour work incredibly well together.

Polka Dots & Solid Colour

Much like the paisley design polka dots are and have always been right in style when it comes to ties and pocket squares. But we would recommend going for a solid colour tie and a polka dot pocket square rather than the other way round. The small amount of polka dots in the form of a pocket square is much more eye catching, especially with larger polka dots. Try to avoid larger polka dots on a tie as you could drift towards becoming too ‘wacky’, however smaller dots on a tie are always on trend and look great in any setting.

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Stripes & Spots

For a truly unique look, try pairing a striped tie with a polka dotted pocket square. The style is great for any formal situation, such as wedding or christenings, try both brighter and more subdued colours to find your perfect combination, also the bolder colours are great if you wanted to make a fashion statement.

Contrasting Colours

Instead of the same pairing of traditional block colours together, why not think out of the box and mix and match contrasting colours? It’s very much up to personal taste with what colours you think you suit best, it’s always a great way to match to your personality or to even seasons/occasions; think green and reds for around christmas time for example.


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