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The Best Colours For Autumn

Summer will soon be over and done with, meaning that your autumn wardrobe will be in effect. It is important to dress for the season and there’s a possibility that layers, scarves and boots are your everyday look. One thing that can dramatically change an outfit is the colours, and at Ties R Us we have created a guide for our customers to help them select colours that are fit for autumn. Here are just a few of the suitable colours to wear when it gets cooler.

Burgundy, purple and deep reds
A classic autumn colour, burgundy embraces a host of wonderful warm feelings that are ideal for the season. These colours are great to wear at formal events where you need to look smart, but also want to look like you’ve thought about your outfit.

Earthy greens
Opting for a green tie that mimics the Earth’s natural colours is a great way to autumn-up your outfit, contributing towards a fresh and fashion-forward appearance.

Woody browns
Autumn is the time where the leaves are known to fall off the trees, leaving them bare. Sporting clothes that are brown and reminiscent of wood in this season can add something unique to your look.

Soft yellow
As trees lose their leaves, the leaves often become yellow, associating the colour with the season autumn. Instead of choosing a bright, primary yellow, choose the warmer shades that remind you of leaves.

In the autumn colour palette, a variety of warm and earthy tones are included. This is what you should be looking for if you want to dress for the season. Here at Ties R Us we have you covered, with an incredible selection of deeply coloured ties for you to purchase. If you have any questions regarding our products, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy browsing through our stock – we hope you find what you’re looking for.

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