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The Colours of 2016

With each year comes new colours of the year, something that is predicted to be big, and in 2016 it’s rose quartz & serenity. While we’re guessing many of you won’t be too sure what colour that is at Ties R Us we’re here to help! The apparent rose quartz & serenity is a blend of subtle pink and subdued blues, creating a colour that is perfect to immerse yourself in if you want to relax. As far as fashion and clothing is concerned it might be a bit difficult to get a rose quartz & serenity coloured tie, bow tie, cravat etc. So we’re giving our advice on similar colours which we think are going to work well in 2016, because what’s life without bending the rules a little bit…

In a year where subtle and pastel colours are clearly going to reign supreme at Ties R Us we’ve picked out a selection of some exceptional colours of ties that we think should definitely be part of your wardrobe for the year to come!


As rose quartz & serenity, the official colour of 2016, is a pink mix, a pale coloured pink is an excellent way to join in with the trend. The subtle pink colour works incredibly well when paired with a grey and dark blue suit. The fact that pink is for girls is very much a thing of the past, don’t be afraid to add a bit of pale pink to your outfit!

Light Blue

The other element to rose quartz & serenity is a sort of light blue, while we may not have a rose quartz coloured tie, a light blue one will work excellent in its place! A perfect colour for the spring season, and adds a real fresh look to any suit or shirt and trousers.


Another excellent pastel and relaxing colour. Very much going to be a prominent colour in 2016, a subtle purple tie is incredibly stylish, and the perfect choice for a wedding or christening! The warmth of the colour will work well in the coming warmer months and seasons.

Of course staple colors such as reds, greens and silvers are always a firm favourite with many, so it might be worth notig that mixing the colours of 2016 with one of these colours is always a winning combination! Take a look in our multi-colour section for more styles!

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