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10 Ways to Upcycle Your Tie



Similarly to any fashions, ties can go out of style. We’re all guilty of wanting to keep on top of current trends and therefore old ties can end up neglected, thrown in the back of a drawer and forgotten about.
A tie, however, can often hold sentimental value. Maybe it’s a tie you wore for a special occasion – a memorable wedding, perhaps – or even the old tie of a lost loved one. You may no longer want to wear it, but also don’t want to leave it forgotten. Here at Ties R Us we have a creative solution – upcycling! With simple DIY you can create something completely new and unique, so you can continue to get use from any ties you no longer wear.

Here are 10 fun ideas for ways to upcycle your old ties:

  • Headband.
    One for the ladies – use an old tie to make a ladies or girls tie-around headband. The easiest of all the DIYs to do, as you don’t actually need to do anything! You can trim the tie down to size if you wish, or add accessories (think stick on bows or flowers) – otherwise, simply tie around the head and voila! One new headband at no extra cost from you.
  • Luggage tag
    Turn your old tie into a fabric luggage tag. All you need is scissors, thread and a button to attach the strap. This easy and effective DIY leaves you with a unique luggage tag, meaning your belongings are instantly recognisable – so no more double checking that you’re picking up the right luggage!
  • Tie quilt.
    One for the craftier types out there – use old ties to make a patchwork style quilt. This works well when you have a lot of ties, and can look effective with a mish-mash of different styles. This is a DIY that can become a long-term project and potentially span generations, with more ties being added over time.
  • Mini bunting
    This is a neat and easy DIY for if you have a large collection of ties. Simply cut off near the bottom of the tie and attach to some string to make unique and fun bunting decorations.
  • Phone / gadget case.
    You can turn your old tie into an attractive phone or gadget case with a simple bit of sewing. Check out this Youtube video from Tiffany Threadgould for detailed instructions.

  • Neck tie owl.
    Use an old tie to make an adorable little owl. This DIY takes advantage of the natural shape of a tie – you simply need to cut an extra triangle a couple of inches from the bottom, pointing in the same direction as the tie. The triangle shape you’ve cut acts as the ears for your owl, and you can sew on buttons for eyes. You could then add stuffing to make an owl toy, or a pin on the back to make a unique fabric owl broach.
  • Shoelaces.
    Cut your tie into thin strips and use as shoelaces. This quick and easy DIY works especially well with bright or patterned ties, giving a fun and unique touch to your shoes.
  • Coffee cosy.
    We’re all familiar with the cardboard coffee holders we get with take-out coffees – why not try making your own from an old tie? More attractive than cardboard and great for keeping your drink warm and protecting your hands, all you have to do is cut down to size and attach a button to create your own unique coffee cosy.
  • Snake toy.
    The shape of a tie works perfectly to create a fun snake toy and it couldn’t be easier to do, making this the perfect DIY for kids to get involved with too. Simply stuff with cotton wool, sew up the ends and add a felt tongue and buttons for eyes (be sure to sew on the eyes rather than gluing if this is a toy for a child). And there you have it – one quick and easy snake toy that the kids are sure to love!
  • Necklace
    This is a great DIY for ties with a paisley or floral pattern – turn them into an attractive fabric necklace! Check out this Youtube video from DIY Projects for a detailed tutorial.

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