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How To Wear A Pocket Square

Here at Ties R Us, we’re big on the little touches. One great way to add a touch of class to a formal ensemble is with a pocket square, although it can be tricky getting it right. If you’re wanting to get on board the pocket square trend but aren’t quite sure where to begin, we’ve put together a handy guide to help out, detailing how to wear a pocket square and how to fold a pocket square.

How To Wear A Pocket Square

  • For a formal occasion, ensure your pocket square and tie work well together by either selecting a matching tie and hanky set, or choosing complimentary colours.
  • A pocket square can be dressed down for a more casual event. Simply leave off the tie and pair with a stylish waistcoat or blazer.
  • You can afford to have fun with a pocket square – bold patterns and colours are a great way of showing your creative flair.
  • If you are new to pocket squares, invest in a plain white or blue square. These colours are truly versatile and will work for a variety of occasions.

How To Fold A Pocket Square

  • Square Fold – Also known as the presidential fold, this simple yet effective fold is perfect for a professional look. First, fold your pocket square in half then fold in half again to create a square shape.
  • Puff Fold – One of the most casual folds, the stylish puff fold should look as though it is billowing out of your pocket. Start by laying your pocket square flat, then pinch and pick up from the centre. Next, take hold of the bottom with your other hand to create a tube like shape. Finally, tuck into your pocket and readjust as needed.
  • One Point Fold – Ideal for business, formal or casual wear, this is a versatile fold that works well for a variety of occasions. Fold diagonally in half to form a triangle shape then fold the left and right corners inwards, leaving a point at the top. Finally, place folded corners down in the pocket, leaving only the top triangular point showing.
  • Two Point Fold – This is a dressier fold, ideal for making an impression at formal events. Whilst it may look complicated, the two point fold follows almost as the one point fold. Fold in half diagonally. Angle the fold slightly off centre to create to peaks. Fold the left and right corners inwards, leaving the two points at the top. Finally, place in your pocket with the vertical edges hidden, leaving only the two triangular points showing.

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