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5 Tie Inspired Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, here at Ties R Us we thought we’d take a look at some fantastic costume ideas involving our favourite accessory – the tie!

Shaun of the Dead

This is a great option for a last minute men’s costume – it is quick and easy, using items you probably already have in your wardrobe. Simply pair a white shirt and black work pants with a loosely fastened red tie, and make your own red cardboard name badge. Splatter yourself in fake blood and you have yourself a costume fit for a zombie apocalypse.

Doctor Who – the Eleventh Doctor

There is one accessory that simply screams ‘The Eleventh Doctor’, and that is the bow tie. Matt Smith’s Doctor favoured a burgundy red or blue bow tie paired with a pale shirt (white, pale blue or very pale pink is perfect), dress pants, suspenders and a tweed jacket. Throw in a sonic screwdriver and you’re good to go – and remember, bow ties are definitely cool!

Charlie Chaplin

Thinking of channeling the great Charlie Chaplin this Halloween? We think the iconic ‘Tramp’ look is perfect for anyone looking for a classically cool costume. Mismatching is key for this look. Choose clashing colours such as a bold red and white polka dot tie or cravat with a bright yellow waistcoat, and make sure your trousers, jacket and shoes are suitably ill fitting for the comedy effect. A bowler hat, cane, moustache and a touch of eyeliner will provide the perfect Chaplin-esque finishing touches.

Men in Black

This is another outfit that you probably already have sitting around in your wardrobe. A simple black suit and white shirt is all you need – pair with a skinny black tie and sunglasses and you’re all set. Of course if you want to complete the look in true style you’ll need some “big guns” – these blasters can be bought online or made at home if you’re feeling crafty!

Mary Poppins

And finally, one for the ladies! Another character who favours a classic bow tie look is Mary Poppins. Choose a bright red bow tie teamed with a white shirt, black skirt, blue jacket and black hat with a flower garland. For the authentic Mary Poppins look, carry an umbrella and doctors bag. Pop on some red lippie and there you have it – practically perfect in every way!

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