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What to Wear to a Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, what you wear will have a huge impact on both your performance and how the interviewer perceives you. The right outfit will not only make you look more professional, but you will feel more professional in it and therefore act more professional – giving you a better chance of acing the interview!

General Rules Of Interview Dress

Of course, what you wear will depend on where your interview is. As a general rule of thumb we’d recommend sticking to smart attire – it is advised to dress for an interview as your boss would dress day to day. Avoid jeans, t-shirts and trainers unless you’re fully confident that a casual dress will be appropriate. For most a full suit and tie, or at least a shirt with a smart blazer, is the way to go.

When it comes to your suit and tie, simple, muted colours work best. Your tie should complement both your suit and your shirt – often it is easiest to stick to a plain white shirt and choose an understated, plain coloured tie. Avoid loud colours or over the top patterns; whilst these may make an impression, often it will be the wrong one!

Choosing Your Tie

If you’re wearing a smart jacket and a white shirt often your tie will be the only source of colour in your look. Colours have been proven to have a huge impression on how others perceive you, so it is important to get this right. Again, think about the job you are going for. For example, generally red can be seen as too aggressive and over-confident for an interview, however if the role is sales or commision based this may work in your favour. Similarly, whilst orange can be seen as too playful for a more serious role, for a creative, media based interview it can be appropriate.

As a general rule however, we’d always recommend a blue tie for an interview. Of all the colours, blue gives a calm, professional, confident and reliable impression that is perfect for any interview situation.


Finishing Touches

Once you’ve selected your outfit, you need to think about the finishing touches. Opt for black or brown smart shoes (brogues are perfect) and make sure they’re clean and polished. It is vital to always be prepared ahead of an interview – ensure you’ve selected everything you’re going to wear and have it washed and ironed ahead of time, as any extra stress on the morning on your interview may impact negatively on your performance.

Finally, make sure your hair is cut and styled professionally and that you’re freshly shaven (or any facial hair is neatly trimmed). 



So, if you have a job interview coming up and you’re wondering what to wear, always remember these top tips…

What should a man wear to a job interview?

  • Stick to smarter attire – avoid jeans and trainers unless you’re confident that casual dress is appropriate.
  • Choose a smart white shirt and an understated coloured tie; blue works perfectly in professional situations.
  • Opt for black or brown dress shoes.
  • Be prepared. Ensure clothes are ironed and shoes are polished ahead of time.


Follow all these tips and you’ll arrive at your interview well prepared, looking great, and all with the confidence you need to impress any prospective employers!

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