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Style Guide: What To Wear To The Races

In no time at all, we will be donning our fascinators and top hats and stepping out onto the green at the Royal Ascot. Here at Ties R Us we have put together a complete style guide for this seasons races.

The Royal Enclosure

So youve got your morning suit steamed and hung, your shirt is starched and waistcoat fitted to perfection. The final touches are crucial to complete the ensemble, so we have taken the liberty to suggest how to accessorise with confidence.

Black Morning Suit

The black morning suit is arguably the most striking choice of suit; paired with either a grey or black trouser, the tie is an important aspect to consider. The way the collar and waistcoats geometric shapes point to the breast makes the tie the centerpiece to any suit. At Royal Ascot, a world like nowhere else, the green will be awash with the black morning suit. Heres how you may stand out and stay on trend in this classic tailoring.

How to Style It

The detail within your tie can embolden your stance, standing out against the crisp white shirt beneath. The Mint Green Floral Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set brings the freshness of summer to your look, breaking up the dark exterior of the suit. This tie works best with a neutral waistcoat in either grey or beige. If you prefer a dark waistcoat and trouser, the Blue Check Silk Tie and Handkerchief set elevates the on trend single palette look, textured with a subtle quilted check to enhance, but not overpower the suit itself. Be bold with a novel print, such as the Coral Pink Paisley Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set with a dark grey waistcoat to make the rouge pop.

The Grey Morning Suit

With the many shades of grey available, it can be difficult to match your accessories to your suit, without a little guidance. The grey suit works best in a single shade combination, with a matching waistcoat where possible. With a darker grey morning suit, the waistcoat can be paler in colour in either blue or beige, without deterring from the suit itself. A striped waistcoat in a similar shade can optically enhance the triangular form of the torso, making for a flattering choice. Here is how you tie it all together.

How you style it

At times, a darker tie than suit can act like a central pillar, elongating and strengthening your stature. Try the Plain Black Satin Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set against a matt or textured suit to make a sharp impression. A light grey suit needs a softer coloured tie to compliment its illuminating appeal. The Light Peach and White Floral Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set offers a warm pearly contrast to the cold grey of your suit. A slate grey suit is far more stable, meaning you can be more vibrant in your choice of tie. The Rose Gold Satin Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set will glisten against the white of your shirt.

The Queen Anne and Village Enclosure

Here, we leave the morning coat and top hat behind, in favour of a suit and tie. This less formal attire brings more leniencies, meaning you can use all your 2017 style knowledge when forming the best outfit for the occasion. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Olive Suit

Its commando without the military regalia: best worn in slim fit in a matt finish, the olive suit warms any skin tone and invigorates the palette for suits this summer. Pair it with a white and blue striped shirt and Champagne and White Polka Dot Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set to give a twist to this 1920s staple.

The Double Breasted Suit

Here, the simplicity of the suit is most definitely its defining feature. When you walk out on that green, the fit, not flair, will get you the admiration you deserve. The bold two button across suit jacket draws the waist in whilst exaggerating the chest, in the subtle yet effective physique enhancing style. Your shoulders appear broader due to the way the collar naturally falls wider than on a single breasted suit. Underneath, wear a crisp white shirt, and the Silver and Blue Stripe Silk Tie and Handkerchief set to add a nautical edge.

The Cool Suit

We can all hope for a sunny Royal Ascot, in which case, the lighter the suit the better. Whether you have the ability to wear a linen suit without creasing or the confidence to wear a lighter shade, summer is well on its way and its time we started to embrace the pastel suit. After you have chosen your shade, either aim for a darker shirt or tie, but not both at the same time. The suit is a statement in itself, balanced by the darker tone of the shirt and complimented by the near match of the tie – or the other way around, depending on your preference. If opting for a similarly light shirt, try the Navy Blue Textured Classic Men’s Tie and Handkerchief set for a bold, yet classic look. 

The Windsor Enclosure

Smartwear suggested, the Windsor Enclosure allows for the most creativity. Though fancy dress and novelty clothing are inhibited, we encourage you to express yourself in your choice of smart clothing. Check out our post on SS17 Menswear Trends to help select your gear for the day. For smart casual suit wear, opt for statement separates and cuban collars to truly embrace this seasons styles.

Whether you’re living it up at the races or simply looking for accessories to smarten up your everyday look, be sure to explore the full Ties R Us collection. From men’s ties to cufflinks and pocket squares, you can discover the perfect options to give any look an instantly dapper edge.

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