How Do You Choose Groomsmen Attire?

Summer wedding season is fast approaching and if you’re planning last minute touches to your big day, you’ll want to ensure that you’re making the right choices when it comes to wedding attire. With the groom’s outfit decided on, how do you choose groomsmen attire? There is truly a whole host of options, from suits to shoes and accessories, to consider. Today at Ties R Us, we’re guiding you through how to choose groomsmen attire and covering some of the most asked questions about shopping for your wedding party.

Should Groomsmen And Groom Match?

The first thing to consider is should the groomsmen match the groom in terms of their suits and ties. You’ll want to coordinate ensembles so they can be easily identifiable as part of the groomsmen unit, but what are the rules when it comes to matching groomsmen and the groom?
It’s important that the groomsmen reflect the style of the groom, but this doesn’t mean that they have to wear the exact same outfit. Not only does it make sense to have the groom in a slightly contrasting attire to differentiate his role in the proceedings, but you also don’t want to out-do him on his wedding day! Bring the groom and his groomsmen together with a shared colour palette and buttonhole flowers to add to their suits for a united look.

What Does The Best Man Wear?

As the best man is part of the groomsmen party, he’ll wear the same suit style as the other members of the group. However, to make him stand out from the others, it’s a good idea to have a subtle difference to show to everyone that he has an important role to play as best man to the groom. Continuity is key when it comes to dressing the groomsmen and the best man, and so is tradition. Opt for a tailored suit in the same colour as the groom, and if he’s wearing a double-breasted suit, go for a single-breasted suit for a subtle difference. A crisp white shirt is a classic go-to shirt option that will go with any suit colour, and Oxford shoes are an elegant footwear choice for all groomsmen.

Ties vs. Bow Ties

Once you’ve decided on the colour theme and suit styles for the wedding, it’s time to decide on whether you’d prefer your groomsmen to wear ties or bow ties. So, which tie should groomsmen wear? This accessory decision will come down to the formality of the wedding itself; strictly formal and ceremonial weddings may be where the traditional bow tie is most acceptable, whereas a modern wedding can be the right place for a lovely satin tie and matching pocket square.

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