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Style Guide: Winter Suits

There’s something distinctly sophisticated and quintessentially British about a winter suit. Summertime in Britain is, of course, very brief, and so winter suit designs have become an intrinsic part of our formal fashion DNA, often being worn throughout the year. 

Our climate calls for a suit that can handle high winds, cascading rains and bitterly cold temperatures, not to mention the occasional bit of snow. So, which materials, colours and patterns should you plump for in the colder seasons, and which men’s winter accessories can you pair with them? The ever-stylish Ties R Us team have put together a guide of our favourite winter suits for men, as well as some amazing accessories and ties to wear with them.

Wool Suit

A woollen suit is your best friend in winter, and whether you’re donning wool for a wedding or looking for an everyday suit for work, this versatile material is ideal for the colder months. 

For one, it’s a natural insulator and can adapt to changes in temperature, but secondly, it’s also able to be woven into some fantastic looking patterns and can pull off a huge range of colours too.

A quality wool suit will also drape nicely and maintain its shape, meaning that your money spent is a good investment. When it comes to pairing ties with a wool suit, we recommend mirroring the wool of the suit with a stylish tweed tie or opting for block colours that work with the suit’s colour and accents. 

Of course, there are many variants of the woollen suit, so we’ve covered some of the most stylish choices for you below.

Tweed Suit

Tweed is among the most popular of wool suits; it’s created by combining a total of three different coloured yarns which are weaved together (or twilled, to use the correct terminology) into the materials distinctive pattern. 

Tweed is a timeless classic, and thanks to properties such as being warm, durable and water-resistant, it’s an incredibly popular choice of winter suit. When it comes to accessorising with tweed, the choice of the tie is going to depend on the twill of the suit. If, for example, the suit is a navy blue with red accents, a block-coloured burgundy or red tie could be the perfect option.

Cashmere Suit

Cashmere is a much-coveted material, lauded for its luxurious appearance, soft texture and superior comfort. It’s also incredibly warm, which makes it the perfect wardrobe choice for special occasions in the winter months. 

Because of its softness, a cashmere suit is most certainly not for every day, though you can find some great-looking blends around that offer a lot more durability than a 100% cashmere creation would. More often than not, a cashmere suit will feature deep block colours, so when accessorising, you can play around with patterns and add a splash of complementary colour to the ensemble. A tartan tie will look fantastic alongside cashmere, as will a striped pattern.

Herringbone Suit

Similarly to tweed, herringbone suits are comprised of twilled yarn, combining the likes of wool and flannel into a tight weave. This makes herringbone warm, durable and heavy-wearing, while it also gives the material its distinctive zig-zagged pattern. This zig-zag pattern lends itself well to working in other textured fabrics and accessories, don’t be afraid to throw in a polka dot tie or some eye-catching novelty designs to achieve a head-turning winter look.

Corduroy Suits

You may not have noticed, but corduroy is back with a bang and cropping up in outfits everywhere. From sleek corduroy trousers to oversized shirts, this once overlooked material is enjoying something a renaissance thanks to the resurgence in ‘90s throwback fashion. 

This classy-looking material also lends itself to a great tailored winter suit too, regardless of whether opting for a full-cord ensemble or mix-matching this versatile material with checks or complementing block colours. When it comes to picking a tie, you’ve got a wealth of amazing accessories at your disposal. Personally, we like to marry corduroy with checked patterns or playoff the perception that cord lends itself to a more reserved look with the inclusion of a charismatic bow tie.

Moleskin Suit

If you’re searching for a material that is lighter and more breathable yet still retains heat, look no further than the moleskin suit. These properties along with the material’s durability make moleskin suits a popular everyday choice for winter, particularly with those that are required to wear a suit for work. 

The high cotton composition of moleskin suits run the risk of looking a little drab, so we suggest sparking some life into your look with contrasting bold colours or bright patterns, all topped off with a pocket square that compliments both the suit and your tie. 

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