What to Wear for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a stunning time for a seasonal wedding. There’s just something about the crisp white of a bride’s wedding dress against a canvas of autumnal colours; a patchwork of rich reds and deep golds that provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photos of that special day.

Now, you may be wondering how to dress for an autumn wedding. There is, of course, our notoriously unpredictable British climate to contend with, as well as any wedding couple-enforced colour schemes that you may need to bear in mind.

Whether you’re searching for dresses for an autumn wedding guest, pairing his and hers outfits or looking for a bespoke wedding tie for the groom, it’s a matrimonial minefield out there. Thankfully, here at Ties R Us, we’re dab hands at providing expert advice and wedding accessory wardrobe tips for different men’s looks.

The Classic Wedding Look

Classic suits are widely used among wedding attire, and with good reason too. Whether three-piece or two-piece, their versatility lends itself to all kinds of looks, and more importantly, all kinds of accessories.

Of course, before you go out to buy a suit or pick one from your existing collection, you should always bear in mind the suit material and colour of the groom’s party, after all, you don’t want to clash and cause an upset on the big day!

Next, consider the cut of your suit. Do you want a flattering, tight-fitting suit or something a little more loose and classic?

Once you’ve settled on the colour and cut, it’s time to think about patterns. When it comes to planning autumnal wedding wear, patterned suits are definitely your friend. Not only is there less chance that you’ll match the groom’s party when wearing patterns, but you’ll also be bang on-trend.

So, which ties can you combine with a classic wedding look? If you’re opting for block colours, providing a dash of colour and pattern with floral or paisley is always a great option. For those opting for pinstripes, why not add a touch of class with a textured tie? Those who’ve chosen a checked pattern can’t go far wrong with a plain tie, we recommend picking out the accents of your check pattern and picking a bold autumnal colour that matches.

Mix & Match

Who says you have to settle for one style of suit? If uniformity isn’t your thing, you can always choose to mix and match your ensemble.

Tweed and wools work wonders when dressing for an autumn wedding; not only do they provide texture and warm, autumnal colours, but they team up fantastically with both plain and patterned trousers and waistcoats too, depending on the style of tweed and wool of course.

Pick out a pair of trousers that work well with your tweed or wool blazer, and decide on a wedding tie that compliments both the patterns and colours of the two. If your blazer sports patterns, plump for a plain tie with bold, block colouration, if the jacket is plain in style, go for floral or perhaps a paisley style instead. For those with a more quirky taste, why not mix things up with a bow tie?


Some weddings call for something a little more casual, and if this is the case, there are some great autumnal looks and accessories that you can employ for a more dressed-down style.

You can often get away with a pair of well-fitted jeans, teamed with a tweed or wool blazer and a pair of sophisticated brown brogues, to effortlessly tread the lines between smart and casual. In this case, we would maybe forgo the tie, and instead give a nod to the big day with the inclusion of a stylish pocket square. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a tie at an autumn wedding, stick with a skinny tie to work with your dressed down look.

If you’d like more info on any of our Ties R Us wedding ties and accessories, feel free to contact our friendly team. For more expert advice and inspiration, head on over to our blog page.

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