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Stylish Men’s Ties for 2020

As a new decade rolls around, with it comes a whole slew of new 2020 trends and fashion fads that will make their appearance everywhere from catwalks to street corners. Among these fashion trends is the humble tie – a mainstay of men’s (and women’s) fashion throughout the years. 

Many people are set to jump straight onto the necktie bandwagon in the new year, with the likes of Highsnobiety telling us that ‘ties are primed for a comeback’ (of course, we’d argue that they never left), and super-cool celebrities including Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator regularly deploying ties from their arsenal of accessories. 

So, which ties are set to make heads turn in 2020? We’ve whittled down the wealth of ties at our disposal to just four of our Ties R Us fashion favourites; so, fix up, look sharp, and get ready to enjoy these trendsetting stylish men’s ties. 

Go Geometric

Geometric patterns can’t help but catch the eye, in fact, it’s in the very nature of their design. This year we’re primed to see some amazing looking geometric tie prints that definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe. 

Though the classic geometric blueprint often features straight lines and triangular shapes, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Ties such as the Red and Blue Geo from Barkley London feature the regular, repeated shapes that give the accessory its geometry, and this great-looking accessory is just one way to add a little colour, pattern and pizazz to your outfit. 

Stylish Stripes

Let’s be honest, stripes are likely to never go out of fashion, they’re a staple in most peoples wardrobes – but that doesn’t mean that the striped tie is undeserving of a place on our list. 

Striped ties will feature heavily among 2020 fashion trends, and we’re going to see a huge amount of hues and pattern variations making an appearance in plenty of outfits. From classic neckties to skinny knits like this Pink Stripe Knitted Tie from Ben Sherman, there’s a range of textures and designs available to explore. 

We recommend simultaneously working in some 2020 colour trends with your striped tie too, pastille shades such as the pink knitted tie pictured or natural tones are all going to be widespread this year.

Distinguished in Dots

Another pattern that has stood the test of time is the polka dot, and it’s sure to be just as ever-present in 2020 fashion as it has been throughout the decades. 

Polka dot ties effortlessly bridge the gap between a formal or more informal outfit; you’ll find that they’re just at home with a wedding suit as they are at work or a social event, so having one at the ready in 2020 is definitely recommended. 

If you’re looking for something classic and clean-cut, you can’t go far wrong with the Red Spot Silk tie from Stovel & Mason, an eye-catching accessory that can be paired with a range of suit colours. For those looking for something a little more sophisticated and quirky, why not branch out with a bow tie? Polka dot prints lend themselves well to the likes of our Navy Blue and White Polka Dot Bow Tie, pictured here.

Fashionably Floral 

2020 is a time to be seen, so why not head into the new decade with some bold accessory designs? Floral ties and novelty print ties are certainly one way to get noticed in style and inject some personality into your ensemble.

As we touched upon earlier, pastille shades are among the top 2020 colour trends, and a soft blue or peach-toned suit looks incredible alongside the likes of the Navy & White Flower Skinny Tie from Original Penguin. Though it’s not recommended for the shrinking violet, if you’re a little less reserved, you should definitely make a purchase – personally, we love it! 

Did you find our list of stylish men’s ties for 2020 handy? Do you have any helpful style advice you’d like to share? Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! For more style guides and how to’s, head over to the Ties R Us blog page.  

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