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Dress Code Do’s & Don’ts

Menswear can be something of a minefield when it comes to hitting the right mark with your ensemble, especially if you haven’t experienced many forays into the world of formal fashion.

Though some things may seem fairly obvious, it’s important to get every aspect of your outfit right, and so having a handy checklist at your disposal can be a lifesaver when you’re getting ready to leave for a formal event. 

To help you out, the Ties R Us team have put together a list of dress code do’s and don’ts, making sure that you’re dressed to impress down to every last detail.

Get on top of your grooming

As well as your dapper suit and tie combination, one of the first things people will notice is just how well-groomed you are – or aren’t. 

A fresh hair cut or trim makes all the difference when attending a formal function and it’ll set off the sharpness of your suit perfectly. Sporting some facial hair? Don’t let this go unattended either! A beard trim or the removal of stubble will go a long way to adding to your outfit’s impact.

Find the right fit

There aren’t may dress code don’ts bigger than poorly fitting clothes, and so finding the right sized clothing, accessories and a snug-fitting suit should be high on your list of priorities.

Too loose and your outfit looks rushed and thrown together, too tight and it’s unflattering on your figure. A good fit is paramount to impressing with your ensemble at any kind of event.

Think about your footwear

It’s not just your garments that need careful thought and attention, your footwear is an essential part of your outfit too. The best way to approach this particular hurdle is to think about the formality of the event and the season in which it’s taking place.

For instance, you might get away with some colour-coordinated, non-flashy trainers and a skinny-fit suit at an informal summer wedding, the likes of Converse are incredibly popular. An event in the colder months might call for some smart-yet-warm boots paired with the right cut of trousers, it all depends on the setting.

Iron out the creases

Turning up to an event with wrinkle-covered clothing is a big no and never a good look. To onlookers, it will seem like you’ve rushed getting ready and perhaps don’t even care about the occasion you’re frequenting. 

We recommend ironing and laying out your clothing in a well-ventilated room the day before you’re due to wear your outfit, this will allow the clothes time to breathe and avoid any troublesome creases setting in.

Pick out complementary patterns

One of the most common mistakes made by unwitting suit wearers is pattern clashing. There are a plethora of different styles out there, and an even bigger choice of colours on top of that, so it’s no wonder that things can get a little confusing or overwhelming. Do your research and mix and match different patterns and tones to find out what works best for your ensemble. Need a little extra help? Check out our guides on suit and tie and shirt and tie combinations.

Sunglasses after dark

Sure, sunglasses can add to your outfit’s appeal, but only given the right setting and occasion. They’re a must for summer weddings and they can help with the glare or adding a touch of glam at a daytime winter wedding too.

However, when the sun sets and you’re off cutting shapes on the dancefloor, clinging onto your Ray-Bans as well as your daytime look is definitely the wrong move!

Enjoyed our article and looking for more helpful how to’s and style advice? Don’t miss the Ties R Us blog page for more up-to-date accessory information.

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