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Menswear Trends Style Guide

Stylish Men’s Ties for 2020

As a new decade rolls around, with it comes a whole slew of new 2020 trends and fashion fads that will make their appearance everywhere from catwalks to street corners. Among these fashion trends is the humble tie –…

Menswear Trends Style Guide

Style Guide: Winter Suits

There’s something distinctly sophisticated and quintessentially British about a winter suit. Summertime in Britain is, of course, very brief, and so winter suit designs have become an intrinsic part of our formal fashion DNA, often being worn throughout the…

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Trend Alert: Purple Hues

In winter, pastel shades and bright summer hues take a back seat when it comes to colour trends, giving way to earthy greens, festive burgundies and party season metallics. One surprise shade that is currently having its moment in…

Menswear Trends Ties

Tie Colour Trends for Summer 2016

With summer finally upon us, it’s time to take a look at the new colour trends this season.  Pantone, described as the “authority of colour”, have spoken, and introduced us to all the new ‘it colours’ of summer. As…

Menswear Trends Product Focus Ties

Shades of Blue

We’ve discussed colour many times before here at Ties R Us – after all it is a proven fact that wearing different colours gives off different signals, evokes different emotions and can even change your look completely. Trying to…