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Style Guide Tips

Dress Code Do’s & Don’ts

Menswear can be something of a minefield when it comes to hitting the right mark with your ensemble, especially if you haven’t experienced many forays into the world of formal fashion. Though some things may seem fairly obvious, it’s…

Ties Tips

How to Clean a Tie

Ties have the ability to pull an outfit together, and whatever the occasion, nothing says sharp-dressed, professional or influential quite like a sharp suit and carefully chosen tie.  Of course, your necktie is only impactful and aesthetically pleasing if…

How To Tips

Ties R Us Tips: How to Remove Creases from Ties

As is the case with most items of clothing, your tie collection will need the occasional de-crease if you want to dress to your best. After all, you want onlookers to be complementing your ensemble or the pattern of…