Lilac Bow Ties

Add a splash of colour and create the perfect partnership for summer formal engagements with a lilac tie. Stylish, elegant and cheerful, there is no questioning why lilac is such a popular colour when it adds flair and personality to any outfit. At Ties R Us, we have a full range of lilac ties in a variety of styles and designs, whether it’s a classic look you’re after or maybe something more modern and svelt via a skinny tie – and don’t forget to include a pocket square set to really complete your outfit.

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Purple is an often-overlooked power colour in men’s fashion. Lilac ties, though a little softer in shade, are no exception.

A perfect addition to classic navy and grey suits as well as more casual sports coats, purple’s rich history as the colour of royalty and emperors will stand you in best stead as part of a formal or professional outfit.

What to wear with lilac purple ties

The easiest way to build suits, shirts, and ties into a cohesive outfit is to consult a colour wheel. This traditional tool lets you see how the two “types” of colours in fashion - warm and cool - come together.

It also shows you where complementary and analogous colours can be found. In purple’s case, the latter means reds and blues that blend with purple. The former means oranges, yellows and green. These complement purple and subtly draw attention to it.

Purple ties and pocket squares go together. You might also try matching a white pocket square with a purple tie, though this usually works best for richer shades than lilac.

But because lilac is so pale, you might be able to get away with making that one complementary orange or yellow feature of your outfit just that little bit brighter.

When should I wear a lilac tie?

As well as in business and professional settings, lilac ties are a common sight at weddings. Lilac is also a summery sort of colour, meaning they’re often a more suitable addition to your outfit during the warmer spring and summer months.

But purple ties, especially those featuring floral and other exciting patterns, are great any time you want to add a little colour into a grey or otherwise relatively neutral outfit.