Swatch Samples

Please Note: Colours are subject to your screen or device settings. Different manufacturers may produce different shades of colours with the same name. The samples are a thin piece of material from the tie and the tie shade may vary from the sample. For best results we recommend purchasing a single tie with free delivery to check the colour in natural light is a suitable match before placing a bulk order. A full refund is available should the colour not be what you require.

The advantage of having the product is you will get to see the quality of our handmade ties and know exactly the colour you will receive. 

 If you require FREE Swatch Samples For Bulk Orders (Terms and Conditions Apply, Some Samples may be Chargeable and non refundable)

1.   Please email with the colour Codes of the required colours

2.   Provide a delivery address

3. Provide a photo of the dress 

4.  Indicate how many Ties you require


Colour Comparison Examples

Colour comparison DPSS1, LDSS1, RGSS1, RQSS1