Burgundy Bow Ties

The intense warmth of burgundy is an easy way to insert some romance and regality into your occasionwear. Paired with a crisp white shirt and black jacket, burgundy ties reveal a more refined and elegant look which will lend itself to a variety of occasions. Our stunning range includes a wide assortment of styles and designs from your classic ties to modern skinny ties, and while you’re here, why not complete your look with a pocket square compliment?

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A burgundy tie lets you enter that “red” power colour space without being too domineering. This means it’s a great way to emphasise a certain masculinity and control, but do so subtly.

This makes a burgundy or maroon tie a great choice for the workplace, job interviews, and in a wide variety of other occasions, such as weddings, as long as you choose the rest of your suit with care.

Matching burgundy ties with the right suit

The classic way to pair suits with matching ties and shirts is the colour wheel. Colour wheel theory says that some colours are warm and some colours are cool. To create a complete outfit, the idea is to balance warm and cool.

Burgundy and maroon definitely fall into the warm category. This means a burgundy tie and pocket square are the perfect choice when set against a classic navy suit.

But you can also go the monochromatic route. This says that variants of a colour go together too. This means you could mix a burgundy tie with a lighter pink shirt.

When should I wear a burgundy tie and pocket square?

A burgundy tie can help set you apart at a job interview. Other candidates may wear their go-to navy suit and make the mistake of pairing it with a bright red tie. While empowering, this look is often over-the-top.

Orange can be a bright and exciting alternative, but maroon or burgundy are more refined colours and often make a better choice for professional settings.

Exploring fabric with burgundy and maroon ties

You can also explore different fabrics with your burgundy tie of choice. Silk is a classic but excellent choice and there are also many textured ties. These can let you lend a little extra touch of interest to an otherwise flatter suit material.