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Wedding Ties, whether your own or somebody else's, you want a tie to make an impression in. It’s the happiest day of your (or their!) life, and you need a tie to reflect the occasion. Here at Ties R Us we’re happy to stock a great range of wedding suitable ties, including bow ties and tie and pocket square sets, in a variety of styles to suit anyone or any occasion. Our wedding tie & pocket square sets are available for both boys and men, adorable for for proud fathers and sons.

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What are the Best Wedding Ties for a Groom & Groomsmen?

The groom should aim to match his tie to not only his suit but the theme of the wedding whilst still embracing his individuality. Whilst Bow Ties and cravats are popular amongst traditionalists, the conventional wedding tie is still the most popular choice for the men of our great country.

What is the Best Style of Wedding Tie?

Floral wedding ties are a popular choice, particularly when the floral theme and colours can be matched against the wedding flowers or bridal colours.

Paisley wedding ties, whilst not as popular as floral designs, Paisley can work well. Paisley ties have came in an out of fashion for the past couple of centuries and if carefully selected can add a real touch of class to wedding suits. We suggest going for a subtle, two-tone paisley tie which doesn’t contrast too much with the wedding theme colours but still provides the classic paisley look.

Striped wedding ties have been in fashion since the 19th century, we are seeing striped ties becoming increasing popular for grooms with the groomsmen donning stripes in a slightly different colour combination to match the bridesmaids dresses and floral arrangements.

Plain Wedding Ties in silk or satin are still the de facto tie of choice for any wedding, bold colours like red or orange look great in the winter whilst blush ties or sky blue ties look great in the summer months.